Supply Chain Statements

Supplier Specific Advice

Scroll to see the latest advice, shortages and recommendations from some of our key supply partners. This list will be revised as and when we receive new information, so keep checking back for updates.

Please remember if you do encounter any issues, please contact your supplier representative in the first instance, as they will have a real-time understanding of their current situation.


Updated: 21st June 2021

  • Chemical / Janitorial (Day to Day products) – please do not rely on pre covid service levels. Allow between 48-72 hours for delivery. i.e. place orders on a Thursday for Monday delivery.

  • Cutlery / Glassware / Crockery / Equipment – please allow 7 days delivery.

  • If there are any emergency orders for day-to-day products, we should be able to accommodate them.


Updated: 21st June 2021

Due to high demand, next day deliveries may not always be possible in the current situation. Therefore, please place orders with as much notice as you can. The cut off time for orders has also been temporarily moved from 3.30pm to 12pm.


Updated: 21st June 2021

Order early and avoid “just in time” orders and placing frequent, low quantity orders. Maximise what you order to ensure you have everything you will need. Where possible, consider stocking up on your gases to ensure you have a buffer to mitigate any possible delays.


Delivery schedules can be found in the My Account section on the BOC online shop. A wide range of gases can also be collected directly from our Gas & Gear stores.  Their local store can be found on store finder. Always call your local store to check they have your requirements before making a journey.


Updated: 21st June 2021

Unfortunately, a £100 minimum order spend has been applied to all orders for the moment to help with managing demand. Please do also try to order in advance wherever possible.


Updated: 21st June 2021

We are placing orders more regularly with our suppliers to keep up with current demand, and we have a good stock holding of our most frequently purchased products. However, we have been advised by both Ecolab and Diversey that they do have supply issues with some of their range. If a product from one of these ranges is unavailable, we will contact you to arrange alternatives where possible. Please see our Business Update for more detailed information.


Updated: 21st June 2021

  • Canisters - Due to a shortage of metal in the market, deliveries are only being made 1 to 1. For example, if you order 10 full canisters, you will need to return 10 empty canisters at the time of delivery

  • Bulk – no major driver issues, but please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery. However, Calor will be able to accommodate emergency orders.


Updated: 21st June 2021

We are continuing to manage the demand and keep supply to our customers. Please only order what you require and if possible place regular, smaller orders, rather than less frequent bulk orders.


Updated: 21st June 2021

There is some disruption causing certain lines to be out of stock due to shipping delays and closures in manufacturing plants due to COVID. Commercial have implemented an auto switch with our primary wholesaler to ensure continuity of supply to our customers. This involves the automatic substitution for any of our top 225 lines that are out of stock. Customers will receive a product of equal or superior quality should their initial product choice be out of stock.


Updated: 21st June 2021

Most of our factories are coping with the current demand very well. However, our North Fleet and Southampton Depots are seeing particularly high volumes. Please only order what you require and ensure your order is as accurate as possible. Please avoid stockpiling linen as this adds further impact to the overall situation. Please order as accurately as you can and allow 48-72 hours for delivery. Protect PAR Levels; ensure you have at least 1 PAR stock on your shelves.


Updated: 22nd June 2021

We're continuing to publish regular updates via Heineken Direct. Some customers will be rolled to the following day once capacity is reached. It's very unusual for orders to be rolled over twice, but it has happened. Rolled orders will be delivered in the customer’s usual time window the following day. The availability of 50LTR (11GAL) kegs is causing Heineken problems. New kegs are being ordered, and access to customer-held empty kegs is being arranged.

  • Fosters 50L – limited to 2x 50LTR per order. 100LTR are also available as an alternative.

  • John Smith’s Smooth – limited to 1 x 50LTR per order. 100LTR are also available as an alternative.

  • Moretti 50LTR – Not available to order. Customers should order 30L or 100L instead as an alternative.


Updated: 21st June 2021

We are experiencing extreme volume and are working hard to ensure we get as much linen to as many customers as possible. However, if you are having difficulties receiving the linen you need, please email your servicing laundry in the first instance - as they will be in the best position to assist you.


Updated: 21st June 2021

We are currently working on a two-day delivery time as Parcel Force has suspended next day service currently. Our stock levels are lower than usual due to demand, but we are getting stock in as quickly as possible. Lead times for stock may be longer at the moment, so normally a 5-day lead may be closer to a 10-day lead time. For any large orders over £5k, we do need to have as much notice as possible, please.


Updated: 21st June 2021

Temporarily, our minimum order will be £500 per delivery.  This will significantly help maximise vehicle utilisation and reduce the total number of orders picked - ensuring that we can deliver to as many customers as possible. Please order via the phone at 0845 822 3901 or via or your EDI procurement platform, rather than by email with as much notice as you can.  


Updated: 22nd June 2021

We have implemented a temporary minimum order value of £300 per delivery. Own product availability is good, as is most “factored” product. But a handful of “factored” products are in short supply.


Updated: 21st June 2021

We are in a good position with stock levels. One of the advantages of using Oranka is that given our 90+ strong range of products, if we did happen to have a shortage of any given type of juice, there is always an alternative.


In sporadic parts of the UK, next day delivery is becoming a 2 day delivery in about 10% of cases. Given the compact nature of our products and the shelf life, we would encourage you to please order in advance where possible. In the unlikely event that we do not have the product required, we will be able to advise on a suitable alternative.


Updated: 21st June 2021

We do not have any stock issues at present. However, recently increasing service frequencies does mean that our lead times to fulfil ad-hoc services will be slightly longer.


With that in mind, I would urge customers to consider notifying us in advance if they feel they will need an increase in service frequencies.  Also, if the current heat is causing any odour issues, please let us know as we have several products to combat this, two of which also kill bacteria and viruses.