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Hotel Bedroom Entrance

Tackle your dated accommodation without the need for a massive refurb. We take you through our top tips and the supply partners that can help you. 

Revitalise your rooms!

Four fresh update ideas to get ready for Spring!

Spring is on its way, and it's time to begin developing a plan of attack for the annual spring clean and spruce up of your rooms. After the last two years of ups and downs, we're all hoping that key events on the hospitality calendar, such as Mother's Day and Easter, bring a welcome return to pre-pandemic levels of leisure business. And to attract customers back to your premises and ensure they turn into repeat business, you'll want to ensure that your property is looking its very best. 


Guests can and will notice everything, and your property is always one unsightly heat stain away from a damaging negative review. This isn't to say that every guest is working overtime to find minor details to moan about. However, it's generally good to be detail-oriented and acutely aware of the guest experience. 


Not to mention, following Covid, customers will want their rooms to be hygienically clean and look fresh and bright too, and the slightest hint of peeling wallpaper or lime-scale-stained shower screen won't give them the confidence that it is.  


Fortunately, there are many ways you can spruce up and revitalise your rooms without resorting to a complete refurb, and we've listed just a few of our favourite tips below. 


Change your patterned linens for plain

Since your hotel profiles and websites should be full of room images, bed linens are one of the first things potential customers see. Therefore, they need to impress. And you can update your linens on a budget by swapping old, patterned, synthetic duvets for new, solid-coloured ones. Choose neutral tones, or go for white, natural fibre bedding if you want to play it safe. White is practical for cleaning purposes, is a timeless colour that is trend-resistant, and has a calming effect, so it will help give your guests a great night's sleep. 


Paint your walls with neutral tones


Neutral tones are comforting, unchallenging, and psychologically linked to cleanliness. This type of colour palette also appeals to a broader range of customers. The days of magnolia, contrasting accent walls, and dated wallpaper patterns are long gone. And pale greys, creams and soft beiges are now the go-to colours to create a relaxing ambience, which are popular choices for spas and bedrooms.


The beauty of these tones is that patterns, accessories and furnishings can quickly transform the room into whatever style you require without regular redecoration. Also, decorating walls with muted shades means you needn't hold back when it comes to flooring either - whether your choice is intricately patterned floor tiles or feature rugs. So, you can give your hotel rooms a much-needed, inexpensive facelift by simply painting your walls. Guests value chic and modern interiors that feel warm and relaxing after a long trip, so a fresh lick of paint in a pale hue will quickly and cheaply brighten your rooms. Combined with elements of glass, chrome and mirror, a neutral palette can also elevate the look of your room and create a luxe atmosphere. After all, just because a room has a neutral colour scheme doesn't mean it can't still be dramatic. 


Remove any dated pictures 


Now more than ever, guests are looking for experiences to make their stays unforgettable. Millennials, in particular, crave something unique. So, replace those old prints for local art (which you can often acquire on loan for some cross-promotion of the artist and the piece's price), impactful photos of your destination, or vintage pieces that help tell your hotel's story and its surroundings. The best part is that it can be an inexpensive fix with a significant impact.


Alternatively, how about making an entire wall a piece of art with a bespoke digitally printed mural? These durable, hard-wearing and easy to install and strip off coverings can reflect your brand, add texture, disguise wall imperfections, or add drama and interest to make a lasting impression and set you apart from the competition.  

Invest in comfortable, modern chairs


Uncomfortable furniture within your hospitality design is unacceptable, and it's something your hotel guests will definitely notice. Of course, they may not see it right away. But after a Netflix binge that later requires a visit to the chiropractor, they're likely to shuffle their way out of your premises painfully and leave an unpleasant online review.  


Therefore, you need to give them a comfortable, functional, and modern multi-purpose chair. One that is just as comfortable to relax and watch TV on as it is to work on a laptop. Consider the contours and overall comfort because you'll want to offer something as functional as the form is attractive. It's inexpensive to do, and it's also bound to get noticed.


We know that hoteliers are under pressure. Refurbishments are really difficult, particularly in this post-covid landscape. It's estimated that 10-year-old hotels that want to stay up to date with the new ones have room rates that are 30-40 percent lower. This means that if they want to renovate, they’re often forced to use lower-spec materials. Room rates are lower so hoteliers can only afford these lower-quality materials - particularly if their cash flow is limited. Sometimes they can’t afford a full renovation altogether and they have to do light changes instead and this is where the suppliers we've listed below can help. If you'd like more information on any of them, or you'd like to discuss opening an account, simply drop us a message via live chat or complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Suppliers who can help!

Take your business to the next level with Dulux Decorator Centre 360


Dulux Decorator Centre 360 gives you a seamless experience, from specification to supply. As a Beacon customer you'll also get bespoke pricing, a dedicated order line, free next day delivery, onsite colour matching & technical support, free empty can recycling, and a dedicated account manager.

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