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Find out how a hotel reduced their cleaning chemical usage by changing to Stabilised Aqueous Zone from Tersano.

Objective In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, the Hotel ibis Laval le Relais d'Armor, part of the global Accor Hospitality Group, wrestled with the challenges all hospitality businesses were facing: how to clean and disinfect for guests without putting staff at risk from the overuse of potentially harmful chemicals?


Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) from Tersano is the perfect solution for creating a healthier, safer workplace environment. Created on-demand with a patented technology, SAO transforms tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitiser that remains effective for up to 24 hours before reverting safely back to tap water. It eliminates the need to purchase and store noxious chemicals and can be used in two forms - through a wall-mounted dispenser or an easy-to-use hand-held device known as the iClean® mini. Results The team behind ibis have achieved an impressive feat -replacing their conventional cleaning protocol with sanitising agents free of any artificial chemicals. This remarkable transition resulted in a whopping seventy percent reduction of the chemicals they used, while simultaneously maintaining their hygiene standards. The shift to SOA was enabled by their focus on education and training, which helped the staff make a smooth transition. Plus, as the hotel no longer must dispose of any toxic substances into their drains, none of their cleaning liquids ultimately ends up in our rivers, streams, and waterways.



    Reduce their reliance during Covid on using 500 litres of chemicals a month

    Finding a high performance cleaning solution that was safe to use around guests and staff

    Ensuring the solution is easy and effective and doesn't negatively impact the environment.


    Offers hotel operators a safe way to clean, kill germs, and reduce the odours in their properties

    Kills 99.99% of harmful germs - including the virus that causes Covid-19, as well as many others
    Is produced on-demand, eliminating the need to continually purchase and store harmful chemicals and sanitisers

    Safe for use around staff, guests and the broader local community.


"Not having to worry about cleaning chemicals in the hands of my staff is a real joy. It is safer for them and my customers."

Thierry Benoist
Director, Hotel ibis Laval le Relais d'Armor

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