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Citron Hygiene

Reduce water usage and harness the power of smart technology with an intelligent water solution from Citron Hygiene!

Objective In an effort to priorities water conservation, Citron Hygiene embarked on a project with an existing hotel partner, focusing on their city centre styled sites. The key area of improvement was in the management of the gents’ urinal systems, which operated on an unmanaged “fill and flush” process. By addressing this issue, Citron Hygiene sought to implement effective water-saving measures in the hotel, promoting sustainability and resourcefulness in everyday operations


Citron Hygiene’s holistic approach to water conservation led to remarkable improvements in both water usage and cost for their client. After conducting a thorough audit of the site, Citron Hygiene’s expert team recommended the installation of seven intelligent water management systems. These innovative devices prevent build-up, kill odour-causing bacteria and drastically reduce water usage. They’re also fully programmable meaning you can tailor your flush requirements to your footfall. The product cost is determined mostly by the washroom itself, and what exposure Citron Hygiene has to the site’s services. However, the more services a site has, the cheaper everything becomes. Results The results were nothing short of impressive-the Annual Water Usage plummeted to 122,640L, a mere fraction of the previous 2,943,360L. In addition to the substantial environmental benefits of this reduction, the financial impact was equally significant. The cost of water usage dropped dramatically from £7,358.40 to a modest £306.80 – a testament to Citron Hygiene’s commitment to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions that benefit both the client and the environment.



    Finding a low-cost way of prioritising water conversation.

    Reducing water usage in the gents’ urinal systems.

    Ensuring the solution does not negatively affect a guest’s perception of their stay.


    Controlled flushing system reduces water consumption by up to 9%.

    The 'Flush Table' is programmed to flush at specific times depending on the needs of the customer (e.g. weekdays, weekends, office hours, etc.)

    Easy installation in discreet areas (e.g. ceiling space) by Citron Hygiene Engineers


"The solution brought about a water reduction figure of 2,820,720L a year on just one site, which equated to a cost saving of £7051.60. This is a fraction of what it costs to install so the system was more than paid for in the first year of savings."

General Manager
Cardiff Hotel Client

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