What's going to be hot in hospitality in 2022?

Now that we're almost in the last month of 2021, it's worth taking the time to check out what's forecast to be the key trends influencing consumer choices out of home next year. And the easiest way to do this is by taking a look at Bidfood's brand new 2022 Food & Drink Trends report.

This year, they've worked with market insight experts to conduct bespoke consumer research and desk research, as well as interviewing industry influencers and even a Futurist to compile these findings.

We'll let you read it for yourself, but the highlights include growth in 'off the beaten track' global cuisines for those wanting a sense of adventure, providing the wow-factor through indulgent and experiential occasions, buying British to support the economy and celebrate some of our island's classic dishes, a marked shift towards wellness and health, and an explosion in more careful consumption - everything from reducing packaging to using plant-based food alternatives.

But what's Beacon's take on it all? We'll let Tim Nichol, Beacon's Category Manager for Food & Beverages, explain more: "Social trends play a crucial role in shaping consumer choices, and following the challenges of the last 18 months, our expectations, priorities and attitudes have changed remarkably as we adapted to the fall-out of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. From becoming an almost cashless society to utilising digital systems to order and pay for table service, new habits have emerged and have shown no signs of being abandoned now that we have returned to some ‘normality’.

However, even though many of our behaviours have changed, we're still social animals that crave human interaction, which is why there was such a pent-up demand for the services of the hospitality sector once restrictions were lifted. However, to capitalise on this initial spike, businesses will need to provide exciting and unique experiences that customers can't replicate easily at home. Whether celebrating an occasion with friends and family or indulging in a luxurious solo traveller treat, this research shows that customers will be looking for something different - an environment, concept or dish that delivers something that a food aggregator app simply can't provide.”

To find out more, click below to read the full report from Bidfood. Alternatively, if you require support on building some of these trends into your offering, get in touch via Live Chat. We'll then put you in touch with one of our specialists who can help you create the ideal, on-trend, and commercially viable menu to excite your customers and drive sales.

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