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Veganism is not just for January

With the number of vegan and vegetarian diets on the rise in Britain, businesses need to ensure they're catering for this growing market. By diversifying menus and offering more plant-based solutions, you can secure new customers, boost sales, and ensure customer loyalty.

In 2022, a whopping 629,000 took part in Veganuary, breaking all previous records. This year looks set to be even bigger, with one person signing up every 2.4 seconds as the charity celebrates its tenth year.

According to the most recent research completed by YouGov, an estimated 71% of British adults are now familiar with this challenge. Even more encouraging is that 9% of these same individuals have attempted the challenge at least once over the past six years, indicating that awareness is gradually turning into action! Considering the total British population, this roughly translates to six million people who have embraced Veganuary’s tenets and taken a step forward on their own, unique paths to avoiding animal products.

Veganuary is a boom time for launching new plant-based products as manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers rush to join the trend. This 'gold rush' of interest means that it's never been easier to follow a vegan diet, as R&D into new product innovation ensures that consumers no longer have to forego the tastes and textures they loved as committed carnivores.

Veganism is no longer the food-eliminating challenge it once was, with more than 60,000 products certified by the Vegan Society. Major supermarkets have been leading the way with vegan-friendly options, dramatically broadening their range of plant-based alternatives just in time for the challenge. McDonald’s and Starbucks are doing their part too, with UK outlets now boasting new products perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike. They aren't the only ones upping the ante on vegan-friendly snacks either; plenty of other well-known high street names are also providing more delectable animal product-free treats.

With veganism showing no signs of slowing down, it makes good business sense for food retailers to take steps to offer more vegan-friendly options on their menus. The good news is that expanding your vegan offering doesn't have to be a challenge - thanks to our partners, we can make it easy for you! Our recommendations for January and beyond include a variety of tasty and tempting products sure to win over even the most committed carnivores. So why not take this chance to experiment and diversify your menu - you're guaranteed to delight vegans and non-vegans alike!

Designed for meat lovers, made with plants

Unilever’s The Vegetarian Butcher is pushing boundaries with their revolutionary plant-based range that cooks, tastes and has the texture of real meat. Not only are over half of their products vegan, such as NoChicken Shawarma and Gyros, but they have also partnered up with Burger King to create a Vegan Chicken Royale. In addition, their extensive offering boasts various soy-based mince meats, chicken chunks substitutes and other dish development staples that will tantalize any taste buds, showing just how far plant-based foods have come! Thanks to The Vegetarian Butcher, vegetarians, vegans and even meat eaters alike now have a delicious alternative that is cruelty-free.

V Kitchen makes it even easier to impress your guests

At Bidfood’s V Kitchen, they believe that vegan cuisine shouldn't mean compromising on flavour. That's why they've curated a fantastic range of plant-based products that taste as delicious as their animal-based counterparts. Whether you're after ingredients to help create your own innovative recipes from scratch or are looking for something ready-to-cook to save time, they've got the perfect solutions to develop exciting vegan-friendly menu items. So, if you're eager to offer interesting and tasty vegan options at your restaurant, look no further than Bidfood's V Kitchen.

We're not mincing our words when we say Omn!pork is awesome

This month we’ve shone the Beacon Spotlight on Vegetarian Express who are UK stockists of Omn!pork, amongst many other innovative and exciting products. Whether you're looking to make something Asian such as dumplings and gyoza, or a classic British meal such as pork pies or sausage rolls, this incredibly versatile pork mince alternative speaks to diners of all cuisines. It doesn't just stop there though - it's just as good (if not better!) than using actual pork in practically any dish. Not only that, but it is also so easy to store in the freezer, making sure it is always readily available for whenever you need it. So ordering Omn!pork from Vegetarian Express makes sense - why limit yourself to traditional recipes when you have Omn!pork?

Desserts you won’t believe are vegan

Destiny Foods is the perfect choice for those looking to add the decadence of delectable desserts without having to make any compromises when it comes to ethics. Their range of vegan desserts such as tarts, cheesecakes, and afternoon teas are just like traditional desserts, only instead of being laden with eggs and dairy products, they have been delicately crafted to mimic all their deliciousness minus the animal products! With Destiny Foods' help you can offer customers something special that won't have them missing out on any flavour or texture by choosing vegan alternatives.

Plant-based fish that’s beyond belief

Vegan Zeastar's plant-based seafood alternatives provide an innovative solution for those seeking a sustainable and tasty seafood experience. This 100% plant-based alternative is just as versatile and delicious as the real thing - plus it's perfect for all kinds of dishes. You'll be able to find favourites like Kalamariz, Shrimpz or Prawnz with their yummy coatings, or go for the tuna or salmon Sashimi alternatives for a healthier treat. In fact it's so good it makes you wonder if this could be the end of the line for fish. You can get your hands on Vegan Zeastar from Vegetarian Express, making it easier than ever before to enjoy a guilt-free meal that doesn't compromise on flavour.


It's easier than ever to satisfy vegan needs with our partners' range of products and support and the above examples are just a small selection. Not only can it help you attract new customers, but it can also add variety and dynamism to your menu. So if you're looking for answers or help in expanding your vegan offerings, simply contact us via our Live Chat service. We'll reply as soon as possible and point you toward the best solution for your business.

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