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Stay up to date on changing employment legislation with this free webinar!

Over the past 18 months, the proposed employment bill has fallen by the wayside as workplaces adjusted to the seismic changes brought about by the pandemic. However, with things slowly returning to normal, we expect to see some legislative progress in 2022.

So, what legislative changes are on the cards, and how will these impact your HR processes? WorkNest's free 90-minute webinar, 'Employment Law Update | Changes Coming in 2022 and 2021 Case Law Review', will provide the answers to these questions and much, much more.

WorkNest's experts will guide you through the forecasted developments within this session and leave you with practical solutions to implement within your organisation. They'll also be discussing the government's National Disability Strategy published in July this year. The strategy incorporates all aspects of a disabled person's life and includes proposals relevant to their employment.

In fact, ACAS has already launched an advice hub for employers. Plus, the government is currently consulting on unpaid carers' leave and making flexible working the default - two factors they closely connect with better working conditions.

As well as preparing you for what's to come, they will also engage in a deep-dive discussion around the more controversial outcomes of recent case law, which in some cases challenge the wording of the Equality Act. With discrimination due to sex, religion, belief and gender identity increasingly in the spotlight, they'll be sharing the significant missteps both employers and claimants have made in recent cases to help you avoid similar scenarios.

Led by Employment Law and HR Training Manager Lorna Gemmell and Employment Law Solicitor Rebekah Page, this free 90-minute webinar will cover:

  • Proposed employment bill: The introduction of a single labour enforcement agency | Passing on all tips and service charges to employees | Introduction of leave for neonatal care | Making flexible working the default | Plus, other key proposals which are awaiting further response

  • Sexual harassment: Introduction of statutory duty | New EHRC Code of Practice | Third-party harassment protections | Timescale for Tribunal claims

  • National Disability Strategy: New ACAS advice hub and guidance for employers | Improving the Access to Work scheme and introducing "adjustment passports" | Giving employees the right to unpaid carers' leave | Consultation on workplace reporting

  • Making flexible working the default: Day-one right | Considering alternatives | Temporary requests | Changes to administrative processes and grounds for refusal

  • Recent case law: Interesting cases relating to alleged discrimination on the grounds of sex, disability, religion and belief | Why a recent indirect discrimination claim succeeded even though the claimant didn't themselves have the relevant protected characteristic.

At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to ask questions specific to your organisation. Therefore, if you have any urgent queries, you might like to ask their experts ahead of time by submitting them via the registration form.

The webinar takes place on Tuesday the 9th December at 10am, and Beacon Purchasing customers can register to attend for free here. So, what are you waiting for? Register now in preparation for the year ahead and ensure you're fully aware of the forecasted employment law changes


WorkNest is an Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety consultancy that combines the service quality of a law firm with the certainty of fixed-fee services to provide expert support specifically tailored to your sector. They have a 95% client satisfaction rate and an annual client retention rate of 97%, and Beacon customers can currently take advantage of 10% off their standard fees. For more information or to set up an account, drop us a message via live chat or telephone our Customer Support team on 01904 695588.

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