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Go Christmas crackers with all new eCrackers from Duni

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Pulling a cracker is one of the simple joys of Christmas but, the waste they produce casts a not-so-festive shadow on the age-old UK tradition.

Every year, 40 million Christmas crackers are discarded – lined up end to end; this equates to 1,220 Mount Everests stacked on top of each other, and that’s not taking into account the unnecessary plastic inside.

Beacon is partnering with Duni and Shelter to make a stand against waste – introducing a sustainable, hygienic and socially conscious alternative to the traditional Christmas cracker. Manufactured from FSC®-certified paper and containing a premium Christmas hat, the eCracker is 100% recyclable. There’s no useless plastic junk to contend with, and a flat design significantly reduces transportation requirements resulting in a lower carbon footprint so you can offer your guests sustainable #goodfoodmood without the green guilt.

What are the benefits?

For the same price as a normal Christmas Cracker, guests receive a 100% recyclable cracker that doesn’t use any plastic and a free web app with extra features that make it above and beyond the usual cracker experience. So it’s great for your green credentials, but on top of that, it means you don’t have bulky boxes to store, and they cost less to ship to your business too. There’s even an amazing charity benefit too, because 7% of all sales go directly Shelter to help people in housing need. Want to find out more? Read the brochure here.

If you have a Bunzl account the eCrackers can be ordered directly through them. Alternatively, drop us a message via Live Chat or click below to request a callback, and we'll give you the full lowdown on this innovative, sustainable, hygienic and socially conscious alternative to the traditional Christmas Cracker.

Enjoy festive fun that can last the whole meal with eCrackers!

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