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Empowering Young Adults and Creating Social Value

Commercial Foundation, a remarkable social enterprise established by Commercial in 2015, is making a meaningful difference in the lives of young adults who have faced barriers to work or education. By offering a second chance and a platform for growth, they are transforming lives and creating significant social value. In this article, we will delve into the inspiring work of Commercial Foundation, highlighting their #NoLimits program and their print studio, We Do. Print.

Building Confidence and Practical Skills through #NoLimits:

At Commercial Foundation, the #NoLimits program serves as a catalyst for change. Over the course of eight weeks, young adults between the ages of 16-25 are given the opportunity to participate in a transformative journey. Through #NoLimits, volunteers work closely with mentors and industry professionals to develop practical skills, gain work experience, and build confidence and self-esteem.

We Do. Print: A Print Studio with a Social Mission:

One of the remarkable initiatives of Commercial Foundation is their print studio, We Do. Print. Beyond serving as a commercial enterprise, We Do. Print plays a vital role in the development and empowerment of young adults in the program. Through hands-on experience in a professional setting, participants learn essential skills, from graphic design to production and client interaction.

Creating Social Value Returns:

Commercial Foundation's commitment to social impact extends beyond their direct work with young adults. By partnering with organisations and clients, they create substantial social value returns. Every pound spent on high-quality print collateral from We Do. Print, or through becoming a partner of Commercial Foundation, generates an impressive £5.07 in social value. This demonstrates the powerful ripple effect that a business committed to social responsibility can have on the community.

Join the Journey of Empowerment:

To learn more about the incredible work of Commercial Foundation, the transformative #NoLimits program, and the positive impact of We Do. Print, visit their website. Discover how you can support their mission, make a difference in the lives of young adults, and contribute to the creation of social value through sustainable partnerships.

Watch this video to find out more!

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