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Updated: Jul 18

Our Customer Engagement team are the backbone of your relationship with Beacon, but who are they, and what do they do? In this blog post, we’ll tell you a little more about them.

Your dedicated Procurement Services Manager or Customer Support Executive is your main contact point within Beacon and forms part of our Customer Engagement team. It's their role to get to know you and your business better and develop an understanding of your spend, challenges and objectives to identify potential opportunities for improvements or efficiencies. Recommendations may include but are not limited to:

  • Introducing new suppliers or strategic partnerships.

  • Renegotiating existing contracts.

  • Menu reengineering and development.

  • Optimising purchasing or delivery schedules.

  • Streamlining processes.

  • Implementing utility reduction strategies to achieve sustainability goals and reduce usage.

  • Recommending P2P systems to track and manage spend along with other tech solutions to reduce admin burden and automate processes.

  • Assessing key lines of P&L and benchmarking against the current market to ensure that the best value is being achieved.

  • Rationalising F&B to reduce food wastage.

  • Ensuring customers are making full use of the Beacon Central Billing function so they earn PowerPoints, which could result in a credit on their statement.

Plus many more innovative procurement and cost-saving proposals that you may not have considered.

Ultimately, their goal is to drive value for your organisation by reducing in-costs to maximise your profits and increase your bottom line. Just think of them as an extension of your operational team. Someone with the passion, drive and know-how to ensure your supply chain continues to deliver value throughout your contract's lifecycle.

Drawing on the expertise of our wider multi-disciplined team, they work with suppliers to deliver real-world solutions developed entirely bespoke for your situation. Furthermore, they oversee all projects, ensuring that they are delivered on time and seamlessly implemented.

In short, this team can be relied upon to make your life easier and take some of those day-to-day pressures away from you. So you can focus on doing what you do best, running your business.

Who is my contact?

At Beacon, we pride ourselves on our national coverage. And have a team based right across Great Britain, which means that we can provide you with an excellent service whether you're based in Cornwall or Caithness - or anywhere in between. We also have a first-rate understanding of regional issues and in-depth knowledge of local suppliers and their services. This expertise enables us to provide a tailored bespoke experience, whether you're looking to reduce food miles or locally source products with trackable farm-to-plate provenance.

Here's a list of our PSMs and their primary geographical areas. However, it's also worth mentioning that they may also have customers outside of these areas due to existing customer relationships or individual specialisms. So, if you're unsure, just call or drop us a line via Live Chat, and we'll soon put you in touch with the right person.

  • Bruce Adams: BWH Hotel Group - South

  • Patrick Barrow: South of England

  • Wilson Bryson: Scotland

  • Alixander Davies: Midlands

  • Patrick Emmerson: North of England & Wales (including Yorkshire)

  • Emma Jollands: Midlands

  • Francis Peters: North of England & Wales (including Yorkshire)

  • Rosie Rose: BWH Hotel Group - North

  • Nick Smith: Scotland

If you have a business issue and would like some expert support, please don't hesitate to contact your PSM or CSE. They're a friendly bunch and will be more than happy to help. If you don't have their details, simply click the button below, fill out our short form, and we'll get them to give you a call at a date and time that suits you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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