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British Sandwich Week - The Nation's Favourites Revealed

As far as sandwich fillings go, it’s certainly not the most adventurous but the classic chicken sarnie has emerged as Britain’s most popular.

This week is British Sandwich Week 2022! To celebrate, recipe-box delivery company HelloFresh has revealed the UK’s top 20 favourite sandwiches. By analysing the average number of searches per month, along with the number of Instagram posts and TikTok views, HelloFresh has been able to determine the nation’s most popular sarnie fillings. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your lunchtime menus or simply want to know what everyone else is eating, read on for the definitive list!

At number 20 is the humble crisp sandwich, closely followed by the BLT in 19th place. Pastrami makes an appearance in 18th position, while a classic ham sandwich comes in 17th.

It's fair to say that the list is fairly meat-heavy but if you’re after something vegetarian, the list also features cheese and grilled cheese, in at numbers 7 and 6 respectively - although the only vegan option is the aforementioned crisp version. The Reuben and the Club come in at numbers 5 and 4, proving that classic American sandwiches are also a big hit with Brits. But what makes the top three?

Well although a sandwich is a meal usually associated with lunch, it's the breakfast sarnie that takes the bronze spot with the much-maligned egg mayo just ahead in second place. However, taking the top spot and the crown of the UK's favourite sandwich filling is chicken - although this could be due to the versatility of the meat, as it's a great protein packed option whether lightly seasoned on its own or smothered in a flavour-packed sauce such as peri-peri or BBQ.

Here's the list in full

  1. Chicken

  2. Egg

  3. Breakfast

  4. Club

  5. Reuben

  6. Grilled Cheese

  7. Cheese

  8. Tuna

  9. Steak

  10. Turkey

  11. Bombay

  12. Cuban

  13. Pulled Pork

  14. Beef

  15. Ham and Cheese

  16. Bacon

  17. Ham

  18. Pastrami

  19. BLT

  20. Crisp

So there you have it – the UK’s top 20 favourite sandwiches! Did your favourite make the list? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re feeling inspired to add more variations to your menu, Beacon has a whole host of supply partners that can help you to create the perfect butty. From Delice de France, suppliers of speciality bread, through to Brakes and Bidfood who can provide wholesale savoury fillings and deli meats. Plus, if it's pre-prepared food to go you're after, we also partner with Tiffin Sandwiches who started off as a small sandwich shop in Bradford, but now deliver to over 4,000 different locations in the UK. So, get in touch with us now - you could soon find we become your perfect secret ingredient.

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