Support During COVID-19 and Beyond

Our proactive approach means we’re ready to go above and beyond when it comes to supporting you and your business. We’ve worked hard to be there for all of our customers and suppliers during the Covid-19 pandemic - and here are just some of the initiatives we’ve put in place over the last few weeks and months

We helped customers reduce their costs

Many of our customers faced hugely reduced and even zero incomes as a result of the pandemic, so we rolled our sleeves up and partnered with a number of new suppliers who could provide significant cost reductions. For example, a Best Western hotel recently used Beond's live energy auction to reduce their gas bills by 53% and their electricity bills by 27%, and from April 2020 they’ll save £52K over the following 12 months.


We sourced specialist suppliers

When some of our customers told us they were struggling to source essential specialist PPE at cost-effective prices, we stepped in and found suppliers who could deliver within budget, even when stock levels and market pricing were fluctuating massively.


Whether pooling our customers spend to gain the best prices for popular goods or sourcing specialist suppliers for individual requirements, if our customers were in need of something we went out of our way to provide it......and at the best price too.


We kept everyone in the know

With government and industry advice changing fast, and often by the day, we focused on making sure the most up-to-date guidance was always available to all of our customers. We published vital information from our partners on everything from maintenance checks and avoiding Legionella, to effective shutdowns, safe re-openings, deep cleaning, high touchpoint cleaning, and more. And we also provided essential advice on avoiding financial penalties from energy providers, where to find specialist government guidance, and how to make the most of the support available from suppliers.


What’s more, we even created a bespoke COVID-19 website, that put all supplier statements, news, support, and guidance at our customers’ fingertips.


We found solutions to cashflow issues

COVID-19 has disrupted cashflow for many industries around the world, and ours is no different. As a trusted partner to around 200 suppliers, we were able to help many of our customers negotiate payment agreements while also suspending member payments, which ultimately helped those businesses when cost-management was so crucial.


Even when customers weren't spending through us, we were still proactively looking at ways in when we could save them money and support them whilst the hospitality industry paused.


We’re here for the nation’s recovery

Even when we weren’t putting specific measures in place to support our customers, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we continued to offer advice and support to anyone who needed it.


And, just importantly, we’ll be doing the same as the nation recovers, too.