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Total Produce issue a potential product alert on Jacket Potatoes and most root vegetables due to the highest summer temperatures on record.


As we come out of a scorching summer with the driest July and August months on record, it is now becoming very clear what impact this has had on root crops and subsequent yields. Total Produce have notified us that their grower partners have found, as harvesting begins, that the recent growing conditions have had a significant impact on both the quantity and quality of the new seasons crop. This is expected to result in a shortage of larger potatoes from mid to late September onwards which has already resulted in prices rising with further increases expected.

In addition, the ongoing increases in energy, fuel and labour costs exacerbated an already difficult situation. While this update is specific to larger baked potatoes, this season’s wider potato crop will be impacted across the board for the same reasons. In fact, most of the traditional root vegetable crops will be affected. Therefore, pricing of frozen and chilled chips will also see a knock-on effect.

Total Produce will continue to work with their supply partners for possible alternatives and will continue to provide updates as harvesting continues and crop yields and quality becomes clearer.

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