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Pergal Bags (Milk)

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has caused a global shortage of pergal bags. KDC Group have advised us of their approach in tackling it.

Pergal Bags (Milk)

The Kent Dairy Company Group (KDC Group) has notified us that their suppliers are unable to supply milk pergals due to the global shortage of pergal bags. The invasion of Ukraine has significantly restricted manufacturing and, consequently, the supply of many consumables. Currently, the global marketplace cannot meet the demand for pergal bags.

The leading manufacturer's locations are affected by the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and currently, equipment is being relocated. There is no domestic supply, and European stores are similarly affected due to the specific nature of the 'dairy' pergal.

Whilst equipment is being relocated to continue manufacturing pergal bags; this has not been without its challenges. The consequences are that pergal bags have been unavailable at short notice on numerous occasions. The KDC Group have successfully secured small stocks from several different sources. However, these are becoming harder to find and more expensive. Their current understanding is that the situation will not likely improve in the short term, and they may experience issues with availability and price for the foreseeable future.

They will continue to supply milk pergals until the supply has been exhausted. Once this happens, they will provide 7 x 2 litres for each milk pergal a customer orders, which will be charged at your standard pergal price.

They apologise for any inconvenience, but this matter is out of their and their suppliers' control. However, as this is a European-wide issue, we advise all our customers to check with their dairy supplier about their approach to this current supply issue.

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