An offer that pushes all the right buttons!

Thanks to the pandemic, customers will demand that your hotel rooms - and everything in them - are cleaner than ever once life returns to normal. But did you know that one of the leading carriers of bacteria in hotel rooms are TV remote controls?


They’re handled all day, every day, by guests and staff - and with their cracks, crevices and textured surfaces, they’re incredibly hard to disinfect.


That’s why Global Entertainment’s Clean Remote Controls are such a good idea. With flat non-porous surfaces and hidden battery compartments, they’re easy to clean. And they make a great marketing tool, too.


Better still, we’ve partnered with Global Entertainment to bring you a fantastic offer. Until 31st August, Beacon customers can buy Clean Remote Controls at just £9.99 each (plus delivery & VAT), reduced from £14.


Now that’s the kind of offer that really does push all the right buttons.

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