Our brand new butchery supplier is a cut-above.

You’ll probably already be aware that the ongoing lockdowns have dramatically altered butchery supply and demand. But what you might not realise is the effect this has had on costs.


With many high-end cuts ending up in the freezer, producers are currently trying to squeeze as much value as possible from the meat they can sell, which is driving up the prices of beef and lamb across the sector. When it comes to chicken, the UK relies heavily on imports, and both Brexit and the pandemic have played their part in raising its cost, too.


Luckily, we’ve identified a new supplier who can help. British Premium Meats have been working hard throughout the pandemic to offer Beacon customers fixed pricing - from smaller independent businesses to prestigious 5* London hotels.


And if you’d like more control over your butchery costs without losing out on quality, we think you’ll discover that British Premium Meats really is a cut above.

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