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E-Business Services - saving you more time and money

The clear savings of working with Beacon aren't limited to our core purchasing services. They're also a direct result of our e-business services, including Central Billing and your personalized web space 'My Beacon' which features embedded financial dashboards.

"My Beacon"

All Beacon customers have access to a personalised online resource called “My Beacon” - essentially a dedicated web space for customers and their teams to access all their Beacon account details and important information in one place.

Information held in “My Beacon” includes:

  • Monthly billing and Powerpoint statements
  • Purchasing spend reports
  • Fully searchable online directory of all Beacon suppliers
  • Market trends
  • Customer insights and Industry White Papers
  • Tailored promotional offers
  • Updates on industry regulations and legislation per sector

Central Billing

Central Billing is a business solution whereby we collect all your monthly Beacon supplier invoices and consolidate them into one total amount. We collect this one amount from you by direct debit and then make payments to your suppliers on your behalf.

The benefits of Beacon Central Billing include:

  • Your monthly statement online
  • Dedicated Central Billing Advisor
  • Dispute resolution service
  • Speedy account opening

Central Billing

One bill does it all - SAVE over £3,000 per year!

At a glance savings...*

Trading with 5 Beacon suppliers? You could save £1800 every year...
Trading with 10 Beacon suppliers? You could save £3600 every year...
Trading with 15 Beacon suppliers? You could save £5400 every year...
Trading with 20 Beacon suppliers? You could save £7200 every year...

...simply by using our Central Billing Service!

 *Total savings calculated based on an average administrator’s salary of £18k, saving an estimated 20% of their administrative time through using the activities and processes from Central Billing.

What our customers say

As well as benefiting from both cost and time savings, the ease of payment to Beacon is also a big plus. “You get all of your individual invoices but in terms of payment, it is just one bill. Job done.”

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"Two other reasons for continued use are the convenience of central billing and the support of an account manager when looking to source one off products or advice on any purchasing requirements."

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