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The holistic view with Beacon Consultancy Services

Purchasing is our undisputed strength, but we look at all possible ways of improving your commercial performance for the long-term. That’s why, in partnership with associate businesses, we offer a full consultancy service. With this approach we’re able to take a holistic view of your business, and provide the right kind of expertise where it’s needed the most.

We may identify through an operational audit that savings can be made in one or more areas of your business and will work with you to implement these.




All businesses need staff to run them and with people come challenges.

Beacon Consultancy Services can help with

  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Interim staffing
  • Employee relations

Cost management

It isn't just about lower prices, managing your costs will have a really positive effect on your profit.

Beacon Consultancy Services can help with

  • Cost management
  • Accounting
  • Revenue services


Operational audits can uncover areas that may not have been interrogated for some time, identifying both quick and long term wins.

Beacon Consultancy services can help with:

  •  Menu advice and planning
  • Review of beverage offer
  • Brand development
  • Consolidation strategies for business improvements
  • Energy surveys
  • Contract management

What out customers say...

"I would consider utilising Beacon's new suite of consultancy services, should the time be right for Scarcroft Golf Club. I am always open to discuss new ideas and services. It underlines the strength of Beacon that they can offer extra support. You never know what you might learn and find out, so I would certainly listen. You’ve always got to do what is right for the members and the golf course as a whole, so it would be foolish not to listen.”

Scarcroft Golf Club, Leeds

 “I spend a lot of timing trying to source my own better deals, but I will, without a doubt, always pick up the telephone to Beacon before looking at anything in the future.”

Sportsman Inn, Halifax