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Dair'y To Be Different With Your Hot Drink This Winter

A hot beverage is the perfect way to start the day for many, with insight from our supply base indicating that hot drinks account for 58.5% of the breakfast drink share. Hot beverages are now much more than a simple black coffee or an English breakfast tea, with new brews, pours and flavour combinations being introduced regularly.

As a result Beacon, Britain’s leading purchasing company, is encouraging hospitality businesses to monitor the most popular trends so they can improve and capitalise from their hot beverage offering.

Dair-y to be different
While milk remains a vital ingredient in tea and coffee prep, Beacon’s supplier Pensworth Dairy has revealed that consumers are seeking out dairy alternatives such as soya, almond and coconut milk why? Health reasons? millennial trend? Lower calories?, meaning that operators should look to include alternative milk options to appeal to consumers.


Quality over quantity
Figures revealed earlier this year by the British Coffee Association show that Brits are drinking a staggering 95 million cups of coffee a day, making it vital for operators to create a coffee offering that consumers will be happy with. Beacon’s supplier Jacob Douwe Egberts stated that making small changes such as taking the time to train baristas and making sure that the precise setting of a bean to cup machine is correct, would contribute to the overall coffee experience.

Time to go green
While many consumers still opt for a black tea, the popularity of fruit teas and speciality brews has significantly increased. Insight from Beacon’s supplier Tetley Tea shows that 18% of consumers will choose a green tea and 15% would opt for a herbal tea. Beacon urge operators to look out for seasonal flavours to spice up their hot drinks menus, with mulled spice and cinnamon being the most popular for the Autumn/Winter months.

green tea1

Keep your cool
Insight from our supplier Matthew Algie has shown that iced drinks are becoming increasingly popular within the coffee sector with 30% of consumers identifying iced blended coffee as their favourite source of caffeine. Operators can introduce cold coffee options and reap the benefits of this growning trend – with the likes of Nestle also offering canned alternatives, great for those customers who are on the go.

Iced Coffee

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