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Take advantage of Root to Fruit this Organic September

With a booming trend in health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers, operators must adapt to satisfy changing habits. Beacon, Britain’s leading purchasing company, has worked closely with one of its leading suppliers, Ribble Farm, to offer advice on how outlets can take advantage of the growing popularity of root to fruit this Organic September.

Alice Bexon, Purchasing Manager at Beacon, commented: “It is vital for Aliceestablishments to consider consumer behaviour when updating menus, such as the increase in healthy eating as well as a public appetite for waste reduction. Our supplier, Ribble Farm, has highlighted that root to fruit is an effective cooking process which involves using every part of a plant that is safe to use. Not only does this offer a range of health benefits but it also significantly reduces an establishment’s waste whilst proving to be more cost-effective option, this Organic September we’re highlighting this beneficial growing and cooking method.”

Health benefits
One of the main benefits of the root to fruit method is its health implications. Ribble Farm highlights that leeks are a particularly popular vegetable to use as utilising more of the green section offers greater access to the vegetable’s nutrients. This is appealing to the health-conscious consumer who is looking to gain more health benefits from menu options when dining out.


Waste not, want not
Another advantage of the root to fruit method is the impact it has on reducing an establishment’s waste. Celeriac is a good vegetable to achieve this with as both the stem and the root can be used, allowing the whole plant to be incorporated into dishes while at the same time reducing waste.

While chefs occasionally use food scraps and cut offs for soup mixes or mashing many of them are simply too busy to consider implementing new methods, such as root to fruit. However, it is certainly something to be encouraged, Ribble Farm state that there has been an increase in this cooking method across the country and particularly in the south of England, which is likely to spread in coming months.


Not only does the root to fruit method offer increased health benefits and waste reduction, it also tends to be less expensive. The cost-effectiveness is not only due to less waste but also because of the reduction in processing on the farmers end, and so has benefits for the whole chain; grower and supplier through to operator and consumer.

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