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Simon Jersey share insight into the importance of workwear

Uniforms are undoubtedly an integral part of any business and play a vital role in brand identity. Hans Ziebeck, Director of Purchasing at Beacon talks to Bar Magazine.

Staff uniforms are one of the most important tools at an operator’s disposal; they can communicate the brand throughout a property, with the way staff personify a brand and the way they look and interact with customers speaking volumes about a business’s values. Using insight from our leading uniform supplier, Simon Jersey, we discuss how a brand identity can be created through the art of clothing.

Staff branding depends heavily on the individual operator and how they desire to be perceived. Simon Jersey gives the example of a very casual venue – the uniform might include t-shirts and denim which makes customers then feel comfortable to wear what they like, resulting in a better experience for them. Employees will also feel comfortable, which will reflect in their behaviour and therefore the general atmosphere of the venue. This is reflective across other genres of venues; a more up-market venue, which encourages guests to dress up formally, should have a workforce dressed in smart uniform.

It is possible to reinforce brand through visual clues on uniforms. This can range from colours, selection of specific garments, accessories or use of a logo. These small elements can signify a lot of information about a brand. For example, bright, vibrant colours are often selected to represent a family friendly operator, whilst deeper, darker colours may represent a more formal venue. Similarly to how a baseball cap could be chosen for a more casual dining experience uniform, and a tie for a more luxurious venue.

Whatever uniform is chosen, it is important to keep it clean and smart – regardless of whether it is casual eating or formal dining. Simon Jersey states the importance of providing staff with enough uniform so they have adequate to allow for a fresh set each shift.

Examples from Helen Harker, Design Manager at Simon Jersey:

Denim aprons

“With the right accessories a denim apron can be worn in any kind of venue. We offer it in both black and traditional blue denim and in three styles to make it functional for every job role.”
Image Credit: Simon Jersey

Checked shirts & blouses

“A classic checked shirt is an ideal choice for bar staff. With sleeves rolled up it looks cool and casual or with formal trousers and a tie it looks very smart.”

Image Credit: Simon Jersey

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