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ICB Group - Protecting Your Business From Cybercrime?

Following recent highly publicised cyber attacks, Beacon and supply partner ICB Group urge hospitality, leisure and healthcare businesses to protect themselves, their staff and their guests from cybercrime.
Guest article: ICB Group

What is cybercrime and cyber insurance?

Cybercrime is the world’s fastest growing criminal activity and is the single biggest future risk to businesses. Whilst money is the primary motivational factor for cyber criminals, other factors such as ideology, sympathy, anger and espionage are also significant drivers of cybercrime.

Did you know that cybercrime has overtaken the drug trade as the most profitable form of crime in the world?

Cyber insurance addresses the first and third-party risks associated with e-commerce, the Internet, networks and informational assets and offers cutting edge protection for exposures arising out of Internet communications. The risks include privacy issues, the infringement of intellectual property, virus transmission, or any other serious trouble that may be passed from first to third parties via the web.

What is the exposure for your business?

What are the most frequent causes of cyber security breaches?

To view a short video on cybercrime and the importance of cyber insurance - click on the video below.

Cyber Insurance

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