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Are You Prepared For The Introduction Of Sugar Tax?

With the introduction of sugar tax on soft drinks due in April 2018, it is an important time for operators to consider their drinks offering. Alongside this, our research also identified a changing drinking landscape, with nearly half of Brits now drinking less alcoholic drinks when going out than this time last year.

With all this in mind, operators should not only consider a healthier soft drinks range, but their non-alcoholic offerings as well.

According to our supplier, Oranka Juice Solutions, 2018 will be an interesting year for soft drinks, with the number of adults becoming teetotal increasing: 27% of young people now say they do not drink at all. Oranka identify that consumers no longer want the traditional line up of soft drinks, so the challenge to operators in 2018 will be to create an offering that means the teetotal drinker has the same choice and enjoyable experience as someone drinking alcohol in order to stay relevant in the changing market.

A tactic to entice consumers to continue drinking out of home is to create a successful mocktail range. By offering mocktails, an operator is able to give its customers many new exciting choices using ingredients they already stock, such as syrups, juices and mixers. Alongside this, I would advise introducing more interesting flavours; elderflower, peach and redberry are popular at the moment and add value to a mocktail. As with cocktails, it is vital to get the serve right; customers expect a certain quality and experience from alcoholic cocktails, and this is the same for non-alcoholic alternatives. Operators should focus on high quality, innovative glassware, as well as simple, fresh garnishes and great quality ingredients.


According to Oranka, many hotels are taking juice concentrates and using them across a variety of their service settings, capitalising on the flexibility that they offer. They can be used during breakfast as a drink for guests to help themselves to, but they can also be used in the bar, as a clever base drink, such as rhubarb with gin. Alongside this, they can simply be used to add a twist to soft drinks served with soda or as part of a mocktail menu. One of Oranka’s juice concentrates, Hydration Juice, is a great option for this. It is available in 21 flavours, and is lower in sugar than alternatives such as full sugar colas. This means operators can respond to sugar content concerns, whilst innovating their soft drinks range at a low cost.


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