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The Importance of Front of House Design

Teri Humphries, Purchasing Manager at Beacon talks front of house design and the importance of a good first impression. Read on to see how elements such as your team's work wear to your choice of cushion can create a more enjoyable stay for your customer.

How important is tableware, furniture, uniform and layout, in setting the tone for a restaurant?teri-small

Front of house elements, such as tableware and uniforms, play a critical role in ensuring a guest’s first impression of a business is a good one. One of our leading suppliers in uniforms and workwear, Simon Jersey, has seen an increase in demand for more casual uniforms recently, particularly in foodservice. This reflects the rise in popularity of casual dining, with some of the high street chains now adopting uniforms that include denim and casual footwear, rather than the more formal uniforms that the hospitality industry is traditionally used to. Visual elements of a business must tie in with the overall look and feel, so for operators providing a casual dining menu, the right uniforms and tableware can help to bring everything together and achieve a cohesive theme and atmosphere.


Are there any trends in design at the moment, for example the growth of banquette seating, or slate versus plate display?

A dominant design trend in front of house that we’re seeing among our customer and supplier base at the moment is ‘hygge’, the Danish name to describe a cosy and relaxed setting. Hygge is focussed on a sense of satisfaction; therefore many restaurants and hotels are aiming to introduce this in their interiors, as well as menus, providing a more welcoming and relaxed space for customers. One of our leading suppliers Bunzl has reported a significant increase in demand from the market for tableware and decorations that fit into this trend, which is very much reflective of what we have seen in the domestic market. The right look for the hygge trend can be achieved through soft lighting, which can be created with candles or dimmed lights, as well as comfortable seating with textured knitted blankets or faux fur cushions.

Neutral colour schemes are favoured for this look, however pastels and other muted colours can also be used, alongside splashes of colour that align to your particular brand.

With that said, metallics continue to be a prominent trend in front of house design, with these tones working well with both neutral and brightly coloured decors. It also complements other metals, so there is no need to replace existing elements of the design, allowing for a simple and cost effective refresh when needed.

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