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The Market Review from Fairfax

Foodservice & the Meat Industry continues to face unprecedented price rises. Recently released figures show that foodservice price inflation hit 9% in May, the highest figure in nine years says Beacon supply partner, Fairfax Meadow.
Guest article: Fairfax Meadow

The recent trend towards the use of UK product where possible has caused demand to start outstrip supply, leading to increased prices.

Political factors affecting currency and demand continue to dominate the reasons behind the increases, however other circumstances such as weather have been a key force in exacerbating the rises.

Feed markets have been affected following differing extremes of weather in both Europe & the US. Little rainfall over here and the threat of snow in the States has seen feed costs rise globally, directly affecting the future value of meat. However, lower production levels are expected to be counteracted by lower consumption and stocks are forecast to be increased going into 2018.

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