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Liberty-i - Helping people stay connected 24/7

Liberty-i have developed a range of services to help run your business IT, voice and data solutions efficiently and effectively. Their focus is on ensuring that you can concentrate on your core business and maximise your company’s full potential. We’re excited to welcome Liberty-i to our supply base, read on to see how their solutions can help your business.

Guest Article: Liberty-i

Did you know the worst UK broadband areas have slower internet speeds than Mount Everest, which has an average speed of 2Mbps!

At liberty-i we believe every business should have the bandwidth and connectivity to run an efficient and effective business; without having to sit with heads in hands waiting for the Internet to catch up!

With Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi being both a customer and business top sought amenity, we have streamlined our product offering to ensure your business is proactive and up to date with the most modern technology.

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Wi-Fi - the word itself has become a buzz word now for an expected standard in Hospitality venues, coffee shops, reception areas and hotels throughout the world. People’s entire business can rely on how many bars a customer can receive; with today's consumers quick to take to social media with complaints! People expect super-fast internet access and connectivity wherever they are and whenever they like. Alongside, they expect it to be safe, secure and reliant. Whether you are a small to medium business or a large corporate customer, we have a Wi-Fi solution for you.

From a simple 'Hot Spot in a box' solution designed for small offices, Bed and Breakfasts, reception foyers and retail outlets; to managed Wi-Fi solutions designed to cope with the demands from larger hotels, offices and Care homes. You can be assured that our bespoke solutions and pricing structure are right for your business. Our solutions can work Internally or Externally giving you peace of mind that wherever anybody is, they will get the same service. 

Independent Internet Service Provider

Todays savvy travellers, business executives and entrepreneurs expect to have uninterrupted access to a fast internet connection. Hotels and offices are continually being asked to increase the bandwidths which are available to both staff and clients, (in lieu of the crowded spectrum and the number of devices trying to access the Internet!)

Providing the connectivity businesses require to move forward - We believe shouldn’t be an expensive outlay every month.  Our internet packages offer 24/7 connectivity and are safe, secure, reliant... and Are competitively priced! Liberty-i's Internet solutions start at the simple DSL line and go all the way up to a super-fast 10Gb lease line. 


Voice over Internet Protocol – Did you know that with a IP PBX it not only saves you money, but on calls between your offices and remote workers they can become free. (Even if they are in different countries!) Global calls are also significantly cheaper. The VoIP set up accommodates remote workers connecting to the system, in a safe and secure environment. 

For most companies the phone is the lifeline of their business! and as your telephony system is one of the most important purchasing decisions you can make, choose a system that allows you to easily manage the service you require. With our VoIP packages you can increase or decrease your service requirements meaning you will be able to see instant savings!

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