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Buy British through Beacon and save pounds

This year began with vegetable rationing in some British supermarkets as the perfect storm of poor harvests, bad weather and a weaker pound hit our weekly shops and kitchen cupboards. Although there is now talk of vegetable pricing cooling, 2017 is not without its challenges in this sector. With this in mind, Beacon, Britain’s leading purchasing company, has worked with its leading supplier, Total Produce, to offer advice on building a profitable vegetarian menu.

Earlier this year Beacon reported proposed price increases of 140% for Alicecourgettes, 122% for broccoli and up to 63%[1] for some lettuce varieties and food inflation was reported to have doubled in February[2]. Alice Bexon, Purchasing Manager at Beacon, gave her advice:

“The great salad swap is likely to become a feature of the next few months as suppliers and supermarkets predict this problem could continue at least into April or beyond, depending on weather conditions and supply chain solutions. With that in mind Beacon is advising consumers, and professional chefs, to consider buying local, British and making swaps to recipes and ingredients where they can to avoid paying higher prices for the certain vegetables at this time. “Products such as Curly Kale, Chantenay Carrots, Forced Rhubarb, Turnips, Beetroot and Celeriac are all readily available and very sensibly priced at the moment.”

Beacon’s top swaps:

- Swap cherry tomatoes (recently experiencing over 70% increase in price, sitting at around £2.45 per kg) for vine tomatoes which, although usually far more expensive, have been less affected by supply shortages and price increases

- Swap spinach (currently around £3.50 per kg) for kale (currently around £1.88 per kg)

- Swap red peppers (£3.23 per kg and experiencing 95% price increases), for green peppers (£2.45 per kg and only experiencing 47% price increases)


For more information about Beacon please visit www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk or follow Beacon on Twitter @Beacon_YPP.


[1] Proposed price increases in February 2017