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Catch Up With Direct Seafoods This March

Beacon supply partner, Direct Seafoods share insights into the continuation of market forces, with pressure on our currency from all sides, resulting in expensive fish and seafood imports and detail on exporters taking advantage of native stock.
Guest article: Direct Seafoods

Due to the continued rise in Salmon pricing, Chefs continue to look for Salmon replacement options and Direct Seafoods share alternative solutions and great Spring fish buys to ensure Beacon customers move into Spring as profitably as possible.

Icelandic Strike Settles
The Icelandic Fisherman strike that reached it's seventh week has now been settled, it has affected small Cod Fillets, Plaice and Lemons from that area. Whilst it will take time for pricing to settle, stock levels are expected to return to normal. Retailers have been buying more local fish as a result and local fish stocks look set to rise with the change in the UK clocks, resulting in longer days – just in time for Mother’s Day.

Replace Salmon with Fresh Water Rainbow
Global farms continue to hold firm on the high prices, with experts warning of some further increases in March. Strong global demand continues with supply unable to match requirements. Organic Salmon farms have seen like other normal Salmon farms, some lice issues which they are dealing with and again this is resulting in higher pricing. Consider replacing your Salmon with Fresh Water Rainbow. This fish offers great value and is consistent in supply, it offers good plate cover if butterflied and some nice provenance with examples like Hampshire and Avon. This fish is worthy of menu review whilst Salmon is so high in price.

Farms are in full production generally there should be good quality and availability, but some are talking about slow growth on the bigger sizes. Direct Seafood's recommend always buying farmed rather than un-sustainable wild.

Cod is starting to go thin as it moves into spawning season in March giving poorer yields. Norwegian Skrei Cod season will see March as the last full month. But good news is that Norway and Scottish large Cod will be in full flow, so with larger fillets there may be some opportunities. With the Icelandic fisherman's strike only just settled, it will take a couple of weeks for stock to return to normal on smaller fillets.

Monkfish and Red & Tub Gurnards remain buyers tips...
Monkfish continues to hold up well Scottish/south west supply is strong. Landings of both Red and Tub Gurnards in the South West also continue in full flow and this provides some great value, 500g -1kg being a prime size. Direct Seafood buyers still see an opportunity for menus in March and flag both as a buyers tip.

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