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POD from Pulse Business Energy nominated for technology awards

Beacon is delighted for supply partner, Pulse Business Energy who has been nominated for technology awards following the launch of the new Pulse Online Database (POD) software.

Guest Article: Pulse Business Energy

POD from Pulse Business Energy has been nominated for 3 technology awards in 2016. Nominations include;

- Innovation of the year
- Processes and projects Innovation of the year
- Technology internet & controls Smart product of the year

The technology has been three years in the making and Pulse has developed it in-house, with the help of their customers, a platform that bridges technology, efficiency and reporting as well as budgeting, trading and intuitive multi-site management.

The Software has been built to run on all devices including smartphones, tablets and desktop and has been nominated for three tech awards already at the Energy Awards 2016.

The energy market is an ever-changing beast from the bulls and bears of the wholesale market to the liquid nature of our political framework. Gone are the days of an energy consultant or broker being able to provide a ‘good price’ to keep customers. Many of the larger third party intermediaries have seen, in the last few years, a need to diversify their offerings into more than just a procurement service.

Managing Director of Pulse Business Energy, Ben Dhesi has identified the field of technology.

“I think when you look at the boom in apps and new tech start-ups of the last 10-15 years, it’s clear this is the future for energy as well. We wanted to create an experience for business that matches what you get from things like social media and fitness apps”

POD (Pulse Online Database) is a platform that allows customers to manage all of their energy needs across all departments and will be the future for companies wanting to automate processes like bill validation, budgeting, data management and procurement. Fundamentally Pulse Business Energy has always been an Energy Broker and not a Tech company but hopefully the business is showing that the traditional broker model is evolving to suit the needs of dynamic businesses.

After winning Energy Buyer of the Year in 2015, Pulse Business Energy made their mark as experts in Energy Trading and 2017 looks set to be another great year.

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