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ICM advise hospitality businesses on food waste management

There are approximately 200,000 sewer blockages in the UK every year, with many of these being a result of catering outlets with poor food waste management procedures. Beacon work with leading waste supplier and partner, Integrated Cleaning Management (ICM) to discuss how these issues can be easily avoided.

These blockages can be extremely costly for businesses in drainage and sewage works, but can easily be avoided. Working with one of our expert suppliers Integrated Cleaning Management (ICM), part of Compass Group UK & Ireland, we are able to share our advice for avoiding costly damage and improving sustainability credentials.  

1. Recycle used cooking oil

We would encourage businesses that aren’t already recycling oils and fats to start doing so. Dispose of used cooking oil into a suitable container and store it in a secure area to then be collected and recycled into bio-diesel. Speak to your waste management company, or your purchasing company if you work with one, who will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your business.

2. Staff training

Your staff are the most important tool in reducing food waste going down the drain, so this needs to be the first consideration when implementing any sort of management system. Staff should be correctly trained in how food waste is managed onsite, with waste containers clearly labelled so employees know what should be disposed of in each bin with ease. Thorough training and clear lines of communication will help to prevent any costly problems before they arise.

3.Separate your food waste and arrange for it to be recycled

Separating food waste and arranging for it to be collected for recycling will not only save your business money by avoiding sewage problems, but also presents further cost saving opportunities as it is cheaper than sending waste to landfill. We work with many of our waste management suppliers to advise businesses on arranging for food waste to be collected for anaerobic digestion, where the waste is broken down to be used as a renewable energy source.

To find out more about ICM, click here or call the Beacon team on 01904 695588 to see how working with ICM alongside Beacon can help your business run more efficiently.