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Atlantic Salmon Remains at Historical High

As Christmas creeps closer, M&J Seafood update customers on the seafood market for November and beyond. Read on to find out how the price of your salmon is likely to increase as supply declines.
Guest article: M&J Seafood

The market price of Atlantic Salmon farmed in Norway and Scotland remains at a historical high fueled by continued limited supply and high global demand.

The Salmon situation in Scotland is getting worse with cases of Amoebic Gill  Disease (AGD) now being reported. Small fish are still being culled due to the outbreak of sea lice, which will further impact on supply in the coming months; the culling of young fish has also stopped the harvesting of the fish that was planned for this period. It is now expected that by the second week of November there will be no Scottish fish available on the spot market and that this situation will not improve until late March or early April 2017.

Cod & Haddock
Weather permitting availability of fresh Cod and Haddock from Norway will be good as the water turns colder, fish should become more abundant. Also, Haddock tends to travel closer towards the shore in shallower waters at this time of year, so the liners can catch higher volumes. There is a fishermen strike expected in Iceland around the 10th of November though, which may affect fish supply and prices from that country. The difference in exchange rate caused by the Pound value dropping after the Brexit referendum may also cause price  fluctuations.

Farmed Fish
Good supply of all sizes of Sea Bass and Sea Bream is expected in November. Prices should be stable and the only foreseeable issue could be a fluctuating exchange rate; farmers in Turkey trade mostly in USD so it is possible that they may be pushed into increasing prices if the fall of the Turkish Lira continues against the US Dollar. No issues are expected with availability of fish such as Spanish Turbot or Meagre farmed in Greece and Turkey. We might see a slight decline in volumes of Norwegian Halibut as many farms begin to hold stock back for Christmas.

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Salmon Line

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