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Let McCain's Menu Mixer inspire your chef

Beacon is always looking for ways to inspire the chefs within our property portfolio and McCain Foodservice is the ideal partner to help. Autumn 2016 has seen the launch of the McCain Menu Mixer, exclusively designed to help inspire chefs and keep them ahead of new flavour trends, all while meeting cost and prep requirements, is a new online tool called Menu Mixer from McCain Foodservice.
Guest Article: McCain Foodservice

Looking for new recipes and simple menu ideas that your customers will love? The McCain Menu Mixer is here to help. Whether you’re looking for batch cooking recipes, high street trends or easy, comfort dishes, the Menu Mixer has something for you.

The McCain Menu Mixer is personalised to your business type. The handy tool is designed to provide you with delicious meal ideas to suit your environment.

Step 1
The tool first encourages you to select the type of chef you are. Choosing from pub chef, hospitality chef, casual dining chef or university chef.

Step 2
You will then be asked whether you’re looking to streamline processes or simply looking for some menu inspiration. The user selects from a list of needs...

- Stand out from the crowd
- Ideal for batch cooking
- Under 10 min prep time
- Buffet ideas
- Help with something else

Step 3
Your options are then presented as below. In this example we've chosen to stand out from the crowd.

Show Stoppers

All recipes can then be printed or shared with colleagues in your business free of charge.

To explore the full range of products available by McCain Foodservice, click here.