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M&J Seafood fish report September 2016

Breaking news: The market price of farmed Atlantic Salmon is still at historical highs due to increasing demand and continued limited supply reports M&J Seafood.
Fish growth slowly improves in Norway and farmers expect to increase harvests from now through to the end of the year. In week 31, Norway harvested 11% more Salmon than in the same week in 2015; this is the first time since May they have harvested more this year than last year.

Scottish Salmon growth also improved during August and more fish were available apart from 4-6kg size; the lack of supply of this most popular grade is still a significant issue. With thousands of tons being harvested early this year due to Salmon Anemia and sea lice outbreaks, although it is expected that there should be no more problems emerging, the Scottish industry will not be back to producing planned volumes until April/May next year; this means that Scottish fish may end up being much more expensive than Norwegian.


The Norwegian line fleet will commence Cod fishing after the holiday period and the new Icelandic quota starts on Sept 1st, so availability will improve with all sizes becoming more readily available at steady prices as the month progresses.

Haddock fishing will improve although it will take longer to get going as the fish tend to move to deeper water where the temperature is warmer. Prices will start decreasing as the month progresses.

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