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Direct Seafoods share buyers picks for September 2016

Beacon supply partner, Direct Seafoods share their top picks for fish and seafood this month. Take a look at their report to see what they recommend for your specials boards this month...
Guest article: Direct Seafoods

Late summer fish like mackerel and sardines will hopefully be abundant. Shellfish will start their recovery from spawning. Iceland will be getting stuck into their new white fish quota’s and Norway and UK will need to manage theirs carefully until the end of the year.

The weakness of the pound is still a concern versus the Euro and Dollar and pushes our import prices up. Salmon is reaching a period of what we hope will be some stability for a while.

Buyer recommendations for September...

Excellent landings in Newhaven, Hastings right round to Newlyn, still one for the specials board and buyers are tipping for September.

Hake continues in volume with big landings from Brixham right round to Fraserburgh. Including some great catches on the south coast in Newhaven and Hastings. Buyers continue to tip in September as long as the tides behave.

Landings are now being seen from the south coast and Cornwall right round to Lerwick, with some areas gaining MSC custody. This is a definite pick from the buying team in September as they chase sprats.

Plaice have now really arrived in all areas and are in tip top quality, this continues as a strong buyers pick for September with some fish weighing in at up to 1.5kg!

To view the full report, click here.