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Matthew Algie partners with Tchibo

To achieve their growth ambitions, Matthew Algie has made the decision to partner with a larger, but like-minded organisation. Read on to find out more...

Guest article: Matthew Algie

As a result, we are pleased to confirm that Matthew Algie has been acquired by fellow Beacon supply partner and family-owned coffee and food service business, Tchibo.

You may already be aware of the background, products and services provided by Tchibo in the UK, but as a brief summary:

- Family-owned Tchibo was founded in 1949 and is one of the six biggest coffee roasting companies in the world

- The global coffee service business of Tchibo was founded in 1972 with the clear long term strategy to build an international coffee service business. This year Tchibo Coffee Service UK celebrates its 25th anniversary. It came to the UK in 1991 as part of an international growth programme

- Tchibo Coffee Service offers a wide range of products across the UK for customers including hotels, the convenience and forecourt sectors, commercial offices and contract catering 

It is very much business as usual for both Matthew Algie and Tchibo and Beacon customers will remain unaffected by the new relationship. Matthew Algie will operate as a standalone company and we are pleased to say, such is its strength, the Matthew Algie brand will be retained.

Customers will see no change to the high quality products and services delivered. With the support of a larger partner, Matthew Algie will continue to drive innovation in terms of ethical and sustainable sourcing, training and marketing, and high quality products which meet consumer demand. Their coffee will remain unchanged – still roasted in Glasgow with the same sustainably-sourced beans from long-term origin farming partners.

The existing management team will be a key part of Matthew Algie’s growth and strategic direction in the coming years.

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