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The Perfect Christmas with Bidvest Foodservice

Beacon supply partner, Bidvest Foodservice is delighted to kick off their annual winter roadshow next month. Read on to see how you can get involved and visit to see what's hot for Christmas 2016.

Guest Article: Bidvest Foodservice

If you’re looking out for new ideas on your winter menus, or would like some inspiration for your traditional Christmas fare, come along to our Winter shows and see what everyone is talking about this year.

There are 14 exhibitions nationwide, taking place during September and October 2016. At each one, you can see and taste hundreds of different foods and chat with many of our suppliers, so you can be confident with the choices you make for your menu and, most importantly, you'll know that your customers will like them too.

There’s a wide range of food, starters, buffets, main courses and desserts will all be on display and ready to taste, with options to suit everybody and all budgets. You’ll find Christmas tableware, new crockery, glassware designs, wines and spirits; everything you need for your seasonal menus and events.

Bidvest Invite
Invite 2

To find out more about the shows from Bidvest Foodservice and to download an invitation for your chosen event, visit http://www.bidvest.co.uk/winter-shows-2016

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