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The grab and go food boom: Breakfast

People’s eating habits are changing and consumers are becoming increasingly attracted to quick-serve, portable foods that can be eaten on the go. It has even been suggested that the grab and go sector is worth an estimated £20.2bn per year. We have seen a surge in this type of consumer behaviour, particularly in the breakfast category, where customers are often on their way out of a hotel to get to a meeting, or calling in on the way to work.

By Emma Warrington, Senior Food Buyer at Beacon 

2015 sales data from Beacon’s leading breakfast supplier, Kellogg’s, showed that the portable cereals category was growing by 6% year on year, so it’s important for a hotel to offer a comprehensive breakfast menu to account for different lifestyles, including on-the-go guests. More recently, Kellogg’s introduced its ‘Kellogg’s To Go’ pouches[1], designed specifically to be eaten by hand on the move.

Beacon has also seen speciality breads growing in popularity over the past year, due in part to the movement towards more craft and artisan products. Another of our expert food suppliers, Brakes, has had success with its range of breads for hoteliers’ breakfast menus, which includes premium and speciality products. Finding the right balance between costs and guest satisfaction is key to a varied and cost effective on-the-go breakfast menu.

Overall, convenience is key. Always keep in mind how the customer will be eating their breakfast while they are on the go and develop your menu around this. Consider investing in paper bags and takeaway cups with lids to cater to guests on the move. Another technique that is becoming increasingly popular for hotels is allowing guests to order their breakfast for collection on their way out – just leave a breakfast menu in the room so they can literally grab and go as they leave.

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