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Research confirms that green practices wash with hotel guests

A survey of guests staying in UK hotels has highlighted the value that strong environmental and sustainability credentials can have for hotel brands. Commissioned by Beacon supply partner Berendsen, the research found that hotel guests, especially those among the 16-34 age group, favour hotels that can demonstrate a commitment to minimise their environmental impact - and that this can affect their choice in bookings.
Guest Article: Berendsen

Paul Swift, Business Development Manager for Hospitality at Berendsen explains, "Hotel guests are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues and have started to consider this in their accommodation choices. As well as the intention of protecting the planet, this is a key reason why more and more hotels are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint." 

However, it's not only the measures that a hotel itself takes that have an impact on guest actions. The majority of respondents to the survey stated that they would be more likely to stay at a hotel that uses environmentally responsible suppliers.  

"Providing linen and textile services to a large number of hotels across the country for many years, we have long recognised that our operation has an impact on each hotel's environmental footprint," adds Paul Swift. "As such, we make a continuous effort to play our part in reducing our own – and in turn our customers' – environmental impacts, including energy and water use."

Having determined its company-wide energy and water output in 2008, Berendsen established a benchmark and set a target to reduce this by 25% by 2020 in line with its Climate Change Agreement. The aim is a 2.5% decrease every year, but measures put in place at its laundry facilities mean that Berendsen is currently beating that figure. 

The gains from such initiatives can be significant. As a result of its activities, Berendsen is making annual reductions to its carbon emissions, equivalent to the emissions of 5,000 households. In addition, the company has reduced its annual water usage by over 1 billion litres a year, enough to fill 400 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Paul Swift concludes, "Environmental credentials are becoming increasingly important to hoteliers for their business success. By choosing an appropriate laundry partner, hotels can be assured that, along with quality, every sheet, towel and tablecloth is laundered to high environmental standards, enabling them to reach their own green goals."

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*Survey of more than 1,000 UK hotel guests, commissioned by Berendsen.