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Direct Seafood share top picks for your summer menu

June has seen poor temperatures therefore Scottish Mussels and Clams have yet to spawn, whereas England and Wales have already started. Native Lobsters are in full supply and the variety of Summer fish is still wide. Read on to hear more from Beacon supply partner, Direct Seafood.
Guest Article: Direct Seafood

Direct Seafood continue to warn that volumes of summer fish are lower, particularly on the south coast as boats go into refitting. All flat fish are in prime condition now.

As a result of the decision to leave the EU, they warn that the effect on imports is still unclear, this is something that only time can determine however Direct Seafood remain committed to advising Beacon customers how this will impact pricing and availability as the news becomes apparent.  

As raised by Beacon previously, farmed salmon continues to be volatile and it is likely that prices, as predicted will remain high throughout July 2016. To view Beacon's insight into the salmon shortage, click here

Direct Seafood buyer recommendations:

Lemon Sole is growing strongly with the fish leaving south and west and migrating to the north as usual. The best value still remains with smaller sizes and all buyers still recommend this fish as a top pick for July.

There are some excellent deals coming out of Scotland and South West for Monkfish. Retail and continent demand has slowed resulting in some good value for summer menu's through July.

Plaice have now really arrived in all areas and are in tip top quality, this is a strong buyers pick for July with some fish weighing in at up to 1.5kg!

Turbot still looks in good supply and value for July and will out do Brill by all accounts, Buyers say pick this prime fish up whilst its at its best!

To view the full sustainability market report from Direct Seafood, click here.

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