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M&J Seafood share June's fish and seafood outlook

Beacon supply partner, M&J Seafood share their advice for the seafood industry this June. Read on to see how Salmon stocks continue to remain in limited supply...
Guest article: M&J Seafood

Salmon will remain in limited supply throughout the month of June and increasing demand for the fish will see prices increase further. Fresh Atlantic Salmon has been impacted by numerous factors including the over harvesting of Salmon infested by sea lice in Norway. The cold weather in Norway has also reduced sea temperatures and feeding, which subsequently had a negative impact on fish growth.

Global supply growth is expected to continue to be low in 2016 as Salmon takes on average 2 years to fully grow; many analysts say that 2016 will see the largest decline in harvest volumes in the history of global Salmon farming.


Cod fishing in Norway will slow down as vessels traditionally move on to catching Haddock at this time of year. Some Icelandic vessels may start running out of quota, so less Cod will be available, which will firm up prices of this species during the month.

Both Norway and Iceland should be landing good volumes of Haddock, however the fish caught tends to be of a larger size, as the mature fish become available after returning from the spawning grounds. M&J Seafood now have a regular supply of Haddock fillets 5-6oz and 6-8oz from long-line Norwegian fleet.

Providing weather conditions are right, the Native Lobster season should start during June. Availability should be good for Canadian Lobsters as well, as new seasons open during the month.

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The annual 40-day ban on both Indian coasts has been now lifted however, with the start of the monsoon season, the availability of Tuna from India, Seychelles, the Maldives and Sri Lanka may fluctuate over the next 6 weeks. There should be also a fairly consistent supply of Swordfish, which we will be sourcing from Chile, Seychelles, Reunion Islands and India; as always, this is weather dependant.

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Good availability and stable prices on Sea Bream should continue and the new season is still expected to start mid June. The prices should initially ease for the smaller size Bream, which will be appear on the market first; as the fish grow on, this price will drop on the larger grades as they become available.

Scottish Fish & Seafood
The Scottish Hake fishing season will be in full swing during June with good volumes available and steady prices. Although Coley is not in season, small volumes should be available as some vessels still have quota left to catch.

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