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Brits spend over £76 million per day on breakfast

Breakfast is heralded as the most important meal of the day and for businesses in the foodservice industry, especially for hotels, this couldn’t be truer. Our recent survey revealed that people in Britain currently spend over £76 million per day on eating breakfast out of the home, so it’s clear that this is an area to capitalise on.

As Britain’s leading purchasing company, we work with a portfolio of suppliers that span a range of categories within the foodservice industry and as such can work with them to take a holistic view on sector as a whole.

Fairfax Meadow, one of our expert butchery suppliers, regularly provides us with trend reports and updates in the meat industry. One emerging trend in breakfast this year is the inclusion of world flavours on the menu, ranging from Mexican to Middle-Eastern. We’re seeing a rise in dishes such as Huevos Rancheros (Mexican breakfast eggs) and breakfast tacos. Chorizo is another ingredient that is making more frequent appearances in traditional breakfast dishes, like omelettes and scrambled eggs, so foodservice operators should experiment with this if they are looking to modernise their offering.

Another point that our survey revealed, was that one in five Brits would choose an international breakfast option over a traditional cooked breakfast, speciality eggs or cereal – of those, a massive 62% prefer a continental breakfast consisting of croissants, cheese and cold meats, with only 38% choosing an American style dish of waffles or pancakes.

In terms of breakfast drinks it is the sugary options that are falling out of favour, following the announcement of the introduction of the sugar tax earlier this year. We’re seeing a lot of leading drinks suppliers reacting to this with the introduction of low-sugar drinks alternatives. One example of this is Beacon partner Oranka Juice Solutions, which has catered to this rise in demand of healthier drinks with its range that is free-from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and has just 2% sugar content.


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