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< Back to news 28 April, 2016

Meat and Poultry trends; 2016 is set to be the year for carnivores

Emma Warrington, Senior Food Buyer at Beacon reveals what the meat and poultry industry has in store for 2016. Read on to find out more.

Get ready for duck bacon and oversized steaks coming to a menu near you. Beacon’s expert butchery supplier, Fairfax Meadow, has identified a range of trends that chefs need to know about the meat category for 2016.

According to Fairfax, smoke and fire is a new trend that is appearing more frequently on menus and barbecued meat is now the most popular trend among younger diners. Sustainability and provenance continues to be a key trend for 2016, with more and more consumers becoming increasingly conscious of where the meat on their plate has come from. In 2016 we can expect to see more welfare and local associated logos on menus, as provenance claims become more that just descriptors.

Other emerging trends identified by Fairfax include extreme ageing, cured meats, large theatrical cuts for sharing and alternative cuts of beef, as consumers becoming more willing to try different things. Meat products that are showing growth in 2016 include pork belly and shoulder, duck wings and duck bacon, as well as more exotic meat items such as kangaroo meat and ostrich that we predict will be seen on many more mainstream menus throughout this year.


According to another of our expert suppliers Premier Foods, which supplies a range of products into the foodservice industry, 74% of caterers feel that regularly changing their menu is important and 77% felt that reflecting new trends in your menu is an effective way of attracting new customers. With that in mind, it’s important as a foodservice operator to ensure your menu is as up to date as possible, in order to offer the best customer experience and maximise your profitability.

Over half of the respondents in Premier Foods’ trends report were interested in looking at ways they can incorporate ‘premium-casual’ dishes into their menus. International meat dishes are also on the rise, including Tortas, a Mexican street food bread snack that can be eaten hot or cold and filled with pulled meats – a popular addition to any modern lunch menu,

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