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< Back to news 28 April, 2016

Grilltopia; it's all about the condiments!

Despite the snow, it's almost BBQ season. It's time to think differently about the way to serve your summer classics with new insight from Unilever Food Solutions, and it's all about the condiments! Read on to find out what your customers want on the side of their perfect summer dish.

As consumers become increasingly aware of trends and more expectant of a wide variety of options available when going out to eat, it’s important to keep all aspects of the food offering up to date. Condiments can add the perfect personalisation to a meal and foodservice operators should consider them when developing menus to help them stand out from the competition.

Emma Warrington, Senior Food Buyer at Beacon, commented: “Some of the trends in food where we are seeing growth this year include barbecue and smoked food, exotic meats like kangaroo and ostrich, and the use of alternative and theatrical cuts of meat. As food trends develop, so must your condiments offering, in order to complement each dish on the menu.


“New trends in condiments that we expect in 2016 range from infused oils, such as roasted pumpkin seed oil, and variations on the classics like avocado oil mayonnaise or smoked onion marmalade. Offering premium condiments on your menu allows you to upsell on certain menu items and increase revenue. It’s important to think of your condiments offering as more than just an accompaniment, but something that can truly enhance and improve the overall eating experience.”

Chris Brown, Channel Marketing Manager at one of Beacon’s expert suppliers, Unilever Food Solutions, added:
 “For me, the ultimate roast dinner must be served with Colman’s mustard. However, a broad range of quality condiments is vital if you’re to please everyone. It’s one of the things the Best British Roast Dinner judging panel always look for. There are of course some classics that must never be far from a top pub roast – according to our survey, 23% of consumers think mustard is an essential roast dinner condiment.[1]

“Condiments are a crucial part of a dish and something consumers really care about. 69% of consumers agree it’s important that quality brands have been used in their meals[2] and 35% want a quality brand of mustard or horseradish served with roast beef[3]. They care which brand too – with Colman’s coming out as the best tasting brand of English mustard[4].”

As the summer draws closer, it's time to think differently about
 the way to serve your burgers. With the help of Unilever Food Solutions, Hellman's are on a mission to grow the Mayonnaise category by getting operators to add Hellmann’s to their burgers; they are on the search for burger Grilltopia! Watch this space for more information coming soon.

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