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< Back to news 31 March, 2016

The importance of Hotel F&B tableware

Elizabeth Snowball, Consumables Buyer at Beacon, reveals the importance of presentation when it comes to F&B tableware and explains why keeping it simple is the key to showcasing food for maximum impact. Read on to find out more.

At Beacon, working closely with industry leading suppliers such as Alliance, we know that the tableware offering in a hotel restaurant is so important. Presentation is everything. When time has been taken to prepare a high quality dish in the kitchen that standard needs to be reflected on the plate. Quality tableware enhances the overall eating experience and can add style and individuality to signature dishes - encouraging customer spend and repeat custom. 

The advice we often hear from our suppliers is to keep it simple and keep it white. Whiteware gives a contemporary classic look and will stand the test of time even as the menu changes, showcasing the food on the plate for maximum impact. Whiteware is also the most cost-effective option, as it allows easy expansion of the existing range over time without a complete overhaul of the tableware offering. It is much easier to source whiteware that fits with the existing range than it is to find coloured or patterned tableware.

One emerging trend we are seeing at the moment is the use of metals throughout a range of tabletop products and accessories, such as galvanised steel, copper and gold alongside white crockery, which adds interest, and maximises the perceived value of the overall experience.

Artesa-Cast-Iron (1)

Tableware represents the overall quality of the business to the customer – a chipped or worn plate is unacceptable to any guest, no matter how good the food tastes. Appearance and durability should be considered in equal measure. Good presentation and an attractive tableware offering drive food and beverage sales, whereas from a cost perspective durability and breakage must be taken into account. Professional providers of trade tableware consider durability as standard, which means that our customers don’t have to. 

The trend for experiential dining experiences will only carry on, and spread into mainstream operators, meaning restaurants need to lure customers in with more than simple aesthetics and good food. Whilst this is not just delivered through tableware alone, it certainly helps create a memorable experience – something that all operators wish to aspire to. 

Any business in the food and beverage industry knows how competitive the sector is. It is more than just the food that makes a restaurant outstanding; every member of the team simply must have bought into what you are trying to deliver. Many of our customers and suppliers place a great amount of importance on staff training. Lockhart Catering Equipment, for example, has recently launched its state-of-the-art innovation centre, which allows staff to view live demonstrations and take part in practical sessions on front of house display.

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