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< Back to news 03 March, 2016

M&J Seafood release fish and seafood outlook for March 2016

Beacon supply partner, M&J Seafood share their top seafood tips for March. Planning on putting salmon, cod, haddock or lobster on your menu over coming months? If so, read on to find out more.
Guest article: M&J Seafood


The shortage caused by the over-harvesting of Salmon infested by sea lice at the end of last year is affecting this year’s stocks in Norway and the disease is still a major issue. Norwegian fish prices have been high so far this year; they are expected to be stable for the first week of March but then will rise in the run up to Easter. This will continue through April and possibly into May until the fish grows to harvestable sizes and demand is covered.

Supply of Scottish Salmon is only just keeping up with demand even though Scotland didn’t lose as much Salmon through disease as Norway. Prices are a little higher than of Norwegian fish and this price gap is expected to continue until prices rise sharply towards Easter. With warmer sea temperatures, Salmon are growing well and larger sizes are now available.

Cod availability from both Iceland and Norway should be good weather permitting, there will be very little Baltic fish available though as they starts to spawn. There is also concern regarding the Polish government restricting fishing quotas and days the fishermen can go out to sea. Seasonal Skrei Cod from Norway will be available until April and we will also have fresh Cod roe from Iceland.

March should be a good month for Haddock landings from Norway, Iceland and Scotland; again the landings can be affected by the unpredictable winter weather.
Farmed Fish

If the extreme weather conditions continue in Turkey, we expect this to create shortages of Sea Bass and Sea Bream later this year. Stocks are not as strong as anticipated due to 2015 generations being harvested too early during last year’s shortages. 

There will be shortage of 1-2kg Turbot from Spain however, 400-600g and 2-3kg fish will be in plentiful supply.

Very few Native Lobsters will be caught as they are not is season and availability of Canadian Lobsters will be very tight and dependent on weather on the fishing grounds.

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