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Healthcare Solutions from Premier Foods

The Alzheimer’s Society reports that in the UK, the number of people with dementia is 800,000 and this number is expected to increase to over one million by 2021. 80% of people living in care homes have a form of dementia and up to half have an inadequate food intake

Guest article: Premier Foods

Ensuring the nutritional needs of people with dementia are met can be a challenge and many factors need to be considered including training and education, the mealtime environment, the use of nutritional supplements and the provision of assistance to eat.

Healthcare caterers have a key role in helping to reduce the risk of weight loss for people with dementia by providing a variety of different types of snacks and meals throughout the day to stimulate and motivate people to eat. Ensuring that people with health problems, such as dementia and dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing), have nutritious, appetising and safe meals is essential, both in terms of maintaining an individual’s well-being and quality of life.

Premier Foods have the solution
Having worked tirelessly to tackle the issue with a bespoke programme educating and guiding the delivery of dysphagia and dementia meals in care homes and hospitals, Premier Foods' solution encompasses the development of new and improved recipes and a specialist guide to help caterers in their kitchens. The new guide is packed full of top tips and information to help caterers deliver nutritious and appetising meals by using their trusted brands such as Ambrosia, Bisto, McDougalls, Bird’s and Angel Delight, which many caterers keep in their store cupboards.

The aim of the brochure is to guide caterers and help them serve appetising, nutritious and safe meals to dysphagia and dementia sufferers. New recipes include Salmon and Leek Tart, Deconstructed Finger Food Roast Dinner and dessert options such as Black Cherry Cheesecake.

Mark Taylor, Foodservice Channel Controller at Premier Foods, comments: “At Premier Foods we strive to offer caterers the best advice and inspiration possible. We are proud to present the next stage of our industry-leading Healthcare Solutions Programmes and remain committed to helping caterers improve the standard of care taken when preparing meals for those with dysphagia and dementia across the foodservice sector. Following the successful launch of our Dysphagia Solutions Programme, we were delighted to be recognised for our work in this field by being awarded with the Health & Vitality Communication and Engagement Honours at Footprint Media’s annual Health & Vitality Awards. We are confident that the next stage of this programme which focusses on dementia will be received with an equally positive response from the industry.”

Click here to view the helpful guide.

Premier Foods article

To find out more information about the programme and its benefits and to begin trading with Premier Foods on Beacon's preferential terms, please contact us directly on 01904 695588 or click here.