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Aslotels’ 10 good reasons why the mini bar deserves more recognition

Beacon supply partner, Aslotel share top ten reasons for why the mini bar deserves more recognition. Could you enhance your offering and repeat business, just through the careful management of your mini bar offering? If so, read on...

Guest article: Aslotel

1. Design
An elegant mini bar can easily change your hotel room by offering that little extra service level to your guests. Ideal for the guest that wants to be self sufficient in their hotel room or suite.

2. Mini Bar Hygiene
A well stocked and spotlessly clean mini bar sets the tone! It goes without saying that a clean interior with a sensible layout will give a reassuring message to guests who will very quickly recognise care and attention taken over hygiene throughout the rest of the hotel.

3. WoW effect
Mini bars that are very well designed and attractive to look at - and that keep contents chilled at the right temperature - will have a very positive effect on the guest experience. Take for example, our newly introduced KD50, it fits neatly into a drawer compartment which saves on space and is very efficient. This complements our extensive range of mini bars that are available in varying capacities designed to fit into furniture if required, they are free-standing and available with glass doors and additional options such as left or right hand hinge.
To view the range of mini bars from Aslotel, click here.

4. Sustainability
Hotels are focussing attention on conserving water and energy. Therefore, our energy efficient and environmentally friendly compressor mini bars will form part of the initiative to help them achieve this objective. 

5. Space Saving
Every metre counts particularly in city hotels where space is at a premium so we are pleased to introduce our ‘Flying Bar’ which is wall mounted and can be discreetly sited where it is least obtrusive. It can be fixed neatly onto most walls; it has an attractive design with a tinted, patterned glass door with diffused lighting so that guests can see what it is and upon opening all contents are completely visible and chilled thanks to its patented micro compressor - which is very low noise.

6. Social media reviews
It’s no surprise that with the ease of social media, many guests take to on-line platforms to comment both negatively and positively on their experiences and a good or bad mini bars is no exception. Guests will inform Trip Advisor, for example, if they liked your hotel or not and what they thought about the facilities and equipment you have provided for them, so it is worthwhile making sure that each and every one of your facilities is up to par.

7. Keeping it chilled
Nothing is more effective for a supply of chilled drinks than an in-room purpose built compressor mini bar and one that is a low energy appliance, available from Aslotel. If you are going to have a mini bar ensure that the temperature is just right. 

8. Silence is golden
And it is with our range of extra low noise compressor mini bars that also offer low energy consumption. A mini bar is great but a quiet mini bar is wonderful!

9. Products offered and pricing
A well stocked mini bar is desirable. To get the most out of your mini bar, make sure that it is well advertised and price lists are available. One thing guests often complain about is information on pricing, make it clear to them what is offered in the mini bar and what the charges are. Making the most of this additional income will be a welcome sight for guests when they have just arrived to your property or if they have returned late to their room for a nightcap.

10. Consider local suppliers
Local and regionally sourced products are on the up and we see them advertised all over restaurant and bar food menus. Why not do the same with your mini bar. Stock local drinks and snacks to add a sense of location to your guests stay.

Bonus points
In addition to making guests happy. Aslotel is delighted that they have been informed by AA Hotels that if a hotel has a minibar of an excellent standard in place, they will be awarded an extra half point upon assessment by The AA.

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