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< Back to news 11 January, 2016

Dont let a breakdown in laundry equipment impact your profitability

For hoteliers with no laundry or housekeeping contingency, a breakdown in laundry equipment can have a major impact on profitability. Not only will they need to invest in the required repairs, they will also lose revenue from empty rooms until the problem is resolved.

For many hoteliers, outsourcing laundry and housekeeping services is often the most efficient and most profitable option. Working with one of our expert laundry suppliers, Berendsen, we have seen several examples of hotels outsourcing housekeeping and converting laundry storage areas into extra rooms to increase revenue and improve profitability.

Working with a laundry service provider can also offer a more flexible service, meaning linen is able to be replaced as soon as it starts deteriorating, which means hoteliers can be confident that their linen supply will be of a consistently high quality. Furthermore, all of our laundry suppliers such as Stalbridge Linen Services, Berendsen and Fishers, are always adapting to advances in the technology involved with laundry and housekeeping. For example, they now use radio frequency identification tags (RFID) to track each item, which will be inspected upon a certain number of washes to maintain a high quality.

What’s more, outsourcing laundry and housekeeping alleviates the time spent on staff training and labour, allowing hoteliers more time to focus on providing good customer service, increasing guest retention and improving profitability.

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