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< Back to news 07 January, 2016

Keep on top of fish trends this January

M&J Seafood is the UK’s largest independent seafood supplier. Passionate about supplying customers with top quality fish & Seafood and outstanding local service. Offering the largest range of fresh and frozen fish & seafood with outstanding value for Beacon customers. Read on to view January's seafood report from their expert buying team.
Guest article: M&J Seafood


We expect availability of Salmon throughout January to be similar to December, with less fish available, however for January fish stocks available should satisfy demand. Sea temperatures in Norway have been warmer than normal at this time of year, so fish growth should continue at a good rate and we forecast good supplies of 4-6kg grade Salmon. In addition, the Norwegian Kronor is still strong, which has kept UK prices slightly lower than normal. Unless the weather deteriorates, there should be no issues with supplies and prices for Norwegian Salmon. Fish from Scotland however will be at a premium in January, as weather usually hinders harvests, so we anticipate high prices.

The first two weeks of the month will see low landings and high prices as Norwegian and Icelandic fleets go back to sea after the holiday season. Prices will start dropping as the month goes on. We will be also importing Cod directly from Iceland and the Baltic Sea as soon as it is available - all weather dependent. The Barents Sea quota in 2016 will remain the same as last year at 894,000 tons. With the Baltic Cod quota reduced by 20% to 41,000 tons, Iceland will catch around 240,000 tons, up from 216,000 tons in 2015, but their quota runs from September to August.

Weather may also affect Haddock supplies in early January but we are expecting prices to settle down as the month progresses. The Barents Sea quota will increase by 10% to 244,000 tons in 2016, with Iceland increasing slightly to 36,400 tons from 34,000 tons.

Farmed Fish
Supplies of both Sea Bass and Bream farmed in the Mediterranean will remain constant across all sizes with steady prices, unless the exchange rate does something unexpected. No supply issues are anticipated for Icelandic Arctic Char, which is exclusive to M&J Seafood in the UK. Supply of larger Norwegian Halibut sizes, 5-7kg and 7-10kg, will be short but there will be abundance of the 3-5kg grade. There will be also a good availability on all sizes of Spanish Turbot, with steady prices.

Scottish Fish
Supplies of Scottish Trout which is Freedom Foods accredited, will be steady during the month, with stable prices. Catches of Scottish Coley will be intermittent, as this fish is not in full season in January.