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< Back to news 04 December, 2015

The importance of a good nights sleep...

Sleep is a vital part of our health and wellbeing; with research showing that a good night’s sleep can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. As Britain’s leading purchasing company, we work closely with expert suppliers such as Respa, one of the most technically advanced bed manufacturers in Europe to ensure our customers are able to furnish their hotels with the best possible product for their clientele.

The bed is often the focal point of the hotel room, so it’s vital that hoteliers not only get the look and feel right, but also ensure optimum guest comfort. Over the past 18 months we have seen many hotel groups move away from open coil sprung system mattresses, opting instead for pocket sprung system mattresses. These mattresses are made up of a number of individually pocketed metal springs, usually around 1,000 in a 150cm by 200cm mattress, which act independently and can be tensioned to support certain parts of the body. This aids independent movement of guests and ultimately leads to greater comfort.

When it comes to bed linen one thing that can really benefit the bottom line is durability – products that will last well after multiple washes and wear and tear, are ultimately the most cost effective in the long term. Of course, white linen will be regularly washed as standard, however we are seeing many of the large fabric companies using washable fabrics such as Virtue and Indulgence from Panaz for items such as bed runners and bed spreads, which will last longer and reduce aftercare costs. 

In terms of patterns and design, expert suppliers, such as Panaz lead trends that are later found in the domestic interiors market, although they are often more bold and striking in order to make guests feel that they are getting a value for money experience from their visit. 

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